Cebu’s Landscape Makes An IDEAL Place For Longboarding

I should try longboarding… and you too!
posted on: Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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A  is a longer variant of skateboard and is usually faster because of its wheel size.

Grupo Nopo facebook page

Longboards are kinda popular here in Cebu and you can see some Cebuanos of all ages enjoy riding a longboard. It’s because Cebu’s mountainous landscape suits well with longboarding.

I should really try this!

Taken at Northside, Cebu

Though it can be scary for first timers…

Grupo Nopo facebook page

Anyway, let me introduce you to Grupo Nopo, a group of longboarders and skaters based in Opon, Lapu-Lapu (get it, Opon = Nopo?).

Grupo Nopo facebook page

This commendable group of youth aims to boarding sports and help the government lessen drug addiction by encouraging the youth against gangs or fraternities and into physical and mental discipline.

You can check out their and an interview of one of its members .

Here’s an awesome video courtesy of the , showing how good Cebu’s landscape is for longboarding: