Look What You Did: Cebu City Is Now Selfie Capital Of The Visayas, 9th In The World

With great selfie comes great responsibility!
posted on: Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

According to , Cebu City ranked number 9 among the “The Selfiest Cities in the World: TIME’s Definitive Ranking”.

So that makes Cebu City as the Selfiest City Capital in the Visayas.


They downloaded photos come from the Instagram API, dated January 28-Feb. 2 and Mar 3-7, 20141, with the hashtag #selfie or tagged as selfie.

So that will be post Sinulog selfie here in Cebu, right?

realnike.tumblr.com Selfie with Sinulog Festival Queen. Cebu City.

Time said that in Cebu City, “for every 100,000 people, there are 99 selfie takers”.

That is something to be proud of because we’ve beaten San Francisco, USA where the famous Golden Gate Bridge is located…

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, US. (www.littlenomads.com)

Paris, France with its Eiffel Tower…

Eiffel Tower, France. (sites.duke.edu)

and the fabulous Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, Nevada (curtisandlindsay.com)

There are many more places that have been captured by #selfies in Cebu City.

The Philippines is not the “social media capital of the world” for nothing. Other than Cebu City, it has captured the number one slot with Makati and Pasig on top of list.

It is followed by Manhattan, New York.

No wonder Cebu is in the top ten. Because even the took their selfies, too.

Here are more selfies:

Selfie in Magellan’s Cross

web.stagram.com of Mary Joy.

Selfie at the Basilica Minore of Sto. Niño Cebu


And is this guy working for ?

And this.


Three other cities in the Philippines were included in the top 100 spot. They are Baguio (16th), Quezon City (59th), and Iloilo (72nd).

All this prompted us at to launch a social initiative called . For every 10 posts you make on social media, be it selfie, joke, food porn, etc. you post at least one for social good.

This way, we can bring social media to a higher level.

Because we believe…

Social media is the society’s power to fix itself. Let’s use this power wisely.

How about that?

And wait, if you think you are one of those who made Cebu City on the 9th place, comment your about your selfies below!