Make a difference using social media with #BangonVisayas, #ReliefPH, #RescuePH

posted on: Friday, November 15, 2013
Ralph Gonzales
Ralph Gonzales is a co-founder of He currently works for projects and development - most especially for Tenminute Talk.

A few months ago, I had the chance of speaking in front of a crowd of over one thousand university students from schools in Cebu.

It was on the occasion of the Cebu leg of the Social Good Summit.

I spoke about the need for true Social Engagement For Social Good.

I begged the question, why are we so good at taking selfies but  deficient in sharing posts about making other people’s lives better?

Don’t get me wrong, selfies are not bad. I sometimes do them.

The question I asked is why we don’t balance both.

In light of the recent tragedies that have shaken the foundation of our nation, it is imperative that we look back at the principles as to why we use social media and why it is necessary for us to use it for social good.

I gave my fellow students tips on what to do on social media to make a difference.

Here it is.

1) Facebook: Instead of posting about what you did today, try sharing information about relief operations. Also, try joining groups that are currently doing relief operations so that you can find a way to help.

2) Twitter: retweet tweets pertaining to anything #ReliefPH and #RescuePH. These are vital hashtags that can help. Try tweeting about positive things that can lift people’s spirits. Although, don’t hesitate to retweet information that is important but painful to read.

3) Instagram: take a break from your usual #selfie or #foodporn and post pictures that contain vital information on how to help in relief operations. There are a lot of pictures circulating in social media. Look for infographics that people can use.

4) Google+ and Google: update your circles and share vital information about relief operations. Try hangout with friends to discuss how, in your own way, you can help the victims. There are also developers, now, who have mapped the places that need help most. You can view them and see what you can do.

5) Email: like I said in the talk, email is still useful. Subscribe to and spread information to your friends.

6) Forum: join forums and discuss the issues that are happening now. Your ideas can make a difference.

7) Meet-up: like the social good summit, you can do a meet-up with people who can help you do relief operations.

8) Youtube: a lot of people have been doing this, they have made youtube channels doing whatever they can to make people donate to their cause. Hey, if you have a talent, put it to good use by asking people to donate every time you post a video of your “talent.”

9) Blog: I don’t mean just reading blogs, although that helps a lot too because bloggers have a lot of firsthand information, but making your own and updating it from time to time with information that people can use.

10) Social News Networks: follow social news networks like and for timely information on relief operations and what people need as of the moment.

Lastly, get out and join a repacking operation.

There are so many happening in Cebu right now.

There’s on in UP Cebu. Donate whatever you can, you’re ten pesos can go a very very long way.

All in all, use your social media accounts to get information and to spread information that are vital in saving lives and helping others.

Let us use social media for social good.

Let us create meaningful social engagement for social good by using hashtags #BangonVisayas, #ReliefPH, #RescuaPH on social media.

We owe it to our suffering brothers and sisters hit by killer storm Yolanda. You can make a difference and it starts online.