Malapascua Island, Cebu needs our help too

posted on: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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Malapascua a vibrant tourist attraction is well known for its white sand beach and of course pristine waters.

Some even compares it to  “Boracay 15 years ago”.



Look at it now

The famed beach front is devastated.


Close view

Yes, I know how Tacloban is devastated by super typhoon Yolanda, but I hope Cebuanos and even the rest of humanity will also look at the damaged caused by the killer storm in the northern tip of Cebu including Malapascua.

The death toll in Eastern Visayas is feared to reach 10,000 people and the island of  Malapascua might not have sustained any fatality but like Eastern Visayas they need our help too.

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Malapascua is a far-away island located at the northern tip of Cebu.

It is not easily reachable. There are now only two functional boats that ply the island.

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The recent calamity that struck Visayas has resulted in the best and worst of humanity.

I can’t believe that some people are capitalizing on misery of the many folks who are victims of the killer storm Yolanda,

During our trip to Malapascua,we’re asked to pay P200 each to cross the island.

The usual boat ride there only cost P85 pesos.

The price more than doubled.

The price of a one liter mineral water now cost P100 there.

It is no surprise that people just dared to drink water from the well to quench their thirst.

The water in the well was murky but people were really desperate because they were thirsty.

What broke my heart was seeing children eat coconut for breakfast.

People there were broke, their main livelihood is tourism and there were no tourist in the island.


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I hope you will help me spread the word that Malapascua is in dire need of our help too.

They really need clothing, construction supplies, food and water.