Max Surban, The King of Visayan Songs turns 75

Let’s give a tribute to one of the best novelty singers of the Philippines.
posted on: Friday, May 23, 2014
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When you hear the name Max Surban, what comes to your mind?

Yes, novelty songs. When it comes to Visayan novelty songs, we can only think of these two, Max Surban and Yoyoy Villame.

Max Surban facebook page

Just very recently, Max Surban celebrated his 75th birthday. Born on May 21, 1939 in Cebu City, has an incredible passion for singing.

He competed in singing contests and eventually it became his career.

His first song was titled ‘Lolang Kunot’.

Soon after, Max Surban made a name for himself.

He is a prolific composer and has produced over 30 albums and is still active today.

His most memorable songs are:

Manok ni San Pedro

 Gihidlaw Na Intawon Ako (Mitulo Na)

Nabali ang Krismas Tri

Though most of his songs are filled with humor, he also sang ballads such as Baleleng (Though he , he popularized it)

Max Surban and Yoyoy Villame are close friends and have collaborated together numerous times already.

We Cebuanos really love to sing and Max Surban is one of Cebu’s greatest talents.

If you ever have a bad day, just listen to his songs, and everything will be fine.

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