Michael L. Rama, Cebu City Mayor

posted on: Friday, November 29, 2013
Chris Wayne Comendador
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Growth Hacker

I would like to extend my warm greetings to the organizers of the 26th MILO Little Olympics National Finals participated by student athletes from all over the Philippines.

The MILO Little Olympics has always been consistent in its mission—that of providing a venue ofr the development of sports program in the schools and discover the skills and talents of the students. Involvement in sports can mold a student’s character and values, provide an opportunity for the youth to soar to great heights and in the achievement of their dreams and aspirations. The 26th MILO Little Olympics National Finals will help propagate the seeds of friendship and camaraderie, and the appreciation of sportsmanship among the participants, win or lose.

A round of applause for the organizers of this prestigious national sporting event for their passion, commitment and active involvement in promotion and development of the well being of the students through sports.

Once again, congratulations and good luck to all athletes and organizers for the success of this annual event.