Message from the President

posted on: Friday, November 29, 2013
Chris Wayne Comendador
Wayne is your geek guy who loves music and basketball. He's a social advertising mentor in University of the Visayas New School of Arts and Design (UVNS). Now he runs as Chief Operating Officer.
Growth Hacker

My warmest greetings to the participants of the 5th National MILO Little Olympics, hosted by the City of Cebu. The MILO Little Olympics continues to set the stage for our young athletes, encourage them to engage in sports, and lead a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. We in government share the core values that this event instills in young Filipinos—teamwork, respect, confidence, honesty and fairplay, and determination and perseverance—for these are the keys to securing triumphs in sports and to building a productive, meaningful life. To the athletes: These competitions test both athletic prowess and strength of character. Take this opportunity to learn integrity and grace in defeat; perseverance and endurance in training; and humility in success, for these lessons will further enrich your life’s journey. The transformation of our country is a continuing process–one that does not end with our government, but enjoins every Filipino to sustain our momentum of change. We thank the organizers of this gathering for standing with us in the mission of empowering the future stewards of our nation; we count on you, our young heroes, to become the upstanding and responsible leaders who will take our country to even greater heights. The best of luck to all of you, and I wish you a happy and engaging event.