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posted on: Friday, November 29, 2013
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1. The NATIONAL MILOLITTLE OLYMPICS is the DEVELOPMENTAL version of the Summer Olympic Games and is open to students, male or female, in the elementary and Secondary levels of public and private schools in the Philippines

2. All participants must be qualifiers from the regional MILOLittle Olympics conducted in NCR, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

3. The NATIONAL MILOLITTLE OLYMPICS will feature the following 13 sports in the elementary and Secondary division:

1. Athletics (Boys/Girls)
2. Badminton (Boys/Girls)
3. Basketball (Boys)
4. Football (Boys)
5. Gymnastics (Boys/Girls)
6. Tennis (Boys/Girls)
7. Swimming (Boys/Girls)
8. Table Tennis (Boys/Girls)
9. Taekwondo (Boys/Girls)
10. Volleyball (Boys/Girls)


1. Chess (Boys/Girls)

2. Scrabble (Mixed)

3. Sipa (Elementary – Boys)
Sepak Takraw (Secondary – Boys)

4. The National MILOLittle Olympics will be held in Cebu City on October 25-27, 2013.

5. The regional technical rules per sport of the MILOLittle Olympics will apply. National competition format will be as follows:

a) Team sports such as Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Football, Tennis, Scrabble, Sipa/Sepak Takraw, Table Tennis, and Volleyball will follow the single round robin system of tournament.

b) For Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, and Taekwondo, the regional competition format shall apply.

6. Competitions are divided into two (2) levels: Elementary and Secondary for boys and girls. Elementary students must compete in the Elementary level only. Secondary students must compete in the Secondary level only.

7. Age qualification for the elementary level is 12 years old and should not be below 7 years old. Cut off year is 2001. For Secondary level. Cut off year is 1996.

8. All teams/schools are required to submit a “Picture Gallery Folder” and another folder containing the following items:

8.1. Three (3) pieces of recent identical (2 x 2) I.D. photos with corresponding name tag.These photos will be used for the photo gallery, athletes ID, and bio-data/waiver.

8.2. The registration form properly filled-up and duly certified by the school registrar or principal and the particular team coach.

8.3. Original and photocopy of NSO birth certificate or passport for each of the student athletes.

8.4. Photocopy of Form 137 (student permanent record) or Form 138. In the absence of these, a Certificate of Enrollment duly signed by the School Principal/Registrar.

8.5. For the Official coach, he/she must submit a Certificate of Employment or Certificate of Designation duly signed by the School Principal/Registrar.

9. Individuals/teams who failed to complete the required documents on the set deadline shall automatically be disqualified by the Event Organizer.

10. A non-refundable protest fee of Php 5,000.00 shall be posted upon filing of a formal protest together with the written protest signed by the duly authorized coach with the evidence attached within 30 minutes after the game in question before any action from the Tournament Manager or his duly authorized assistant (as approved by the Event Organizer) can be taken. It shall be noted that the burden of proof lies upon the protestee.

Any protests by the schools involving age filed during the competitions will not be entertained. However, the Event Organizer and Tournament Managers reserve the right to disqualify any athlete found over age with or without the proper counter-documents during the competitions.
Only authorized coaches may file the written protests regarding technicalities during the competitions.

11. Any protest must be noted in the score sheet duly signed by the officiating officials and the written protest must be filed within 30 minutes after the game including the payment of the non-refundable protest fee of Php 5,000.00. Supporting documents, needed must be submitted within 12 hours from the time the protest was noted. Failure to submit the supporting documents, the protest filed will be considered null and void. Schedule of games must proceed accordingly and must not be interrupted by protests. Only the concerned Tournament Manager can decide if a protest is worth the postponement of certain scheduled games.

12. All competing student athletes must take part in the Opening Ceremonies.

13. Competitions will be held at the City/Provincial Sports Complex as venue. Other venues outside the sports complex may be utilized if necessary.

14. It is encouraged that Athletes and coaches must wear a uniform color of the upper jersey. Athletes and coaches who may not wear their school/athletic uniforms during competitions must have the proper identification credentials (official National MILOLittle Olympics I.D.), otherwise, they will not be allowed into the competition area.

15. The sponsor and Event Organizer will not be held responsible for any or all injuries an athlete may sustain during and after competition. However, in case of injuries, first-aid will be provided for the participants during competition.

16. The participants in their particular sport events must strictly follow the specific rules and regulations of the sport as provided by the Event Organizer. Any athlete and/or coach guilty of cheating, misrepresentation, or conduct unbecoming of a sportsman shall be disqualified and will be banned from participating in all future MILOsports events — as per recommendation of the Tournament Managers to the Event Organizer.

17. Criteria for the selection of the National Most Outstanding Athlete of each sport will be provided by the Event Organizer. Please refer to the attached criteria indicated in Annex “A”.

18. A national secretariat office will be organized by the Event Organizer to provide assistance regarding inquiries such as general information, official results, medal tally — but shall not entertain any protests on technical matters.

19. The MILO Little Olympics points system shall apply in determining the winners. Please refer to attached table as indicated at Annex “B”.

20. There will be separate National Champions for Elementary and Secondary Divisions. A National Overall Champion shall also be declared.

A. National Champion Elementary Division

The region with the highest total number of points in the Elementary Division will be declared the National Champion in the Elementary division. The top three (3) winning regions shall receive the following:

Champion Elementary Division- Trophy
2nd Place Elementary Division – Trophy
3rd Place Elementary Division – Trophy

B. National Champion Secondary Division

The region with the highest total number of points in the Secondary Division will be declared the National Champion in the Secondary Division. The top three (3) winning regions shall receive the following:

Champion Secondary Division – Trophy
2nd Place Secondary Division – Trophy
3rd Place Secondary Division – Trophy

C. Overall National Champion

The region that garnered the highest total number of points combined (Elementary and Secondary divisions) will be declared the Overall National Champion. Winning regions shall receive the following:

Overall Champion – Perpetual Trophy + Replica of the Perpetual Trophy
2nd Place Overall – Trophy
3rd Place Overall – Trophy

21. As a courtesy to the sponsor and event organizer, and to give honor to the winning schools, an awardee must attend the Awarding Ceremonies. Awards shall be forfeited should the awardee fail to attend.

22. In case of Typhoon or other natural calamities, the Event Organizer shall have the right to determine whether all games be cancelled or moved to a later date with due notice to the heads of schools or authorized coaches.

23. The MILOLittle Olympics is privately organized. It does not necessarily need to seek sanction from any of the National Sports Association (NSA).

24. The Event Organizer shall operate on its own merits and appoint its own technical staff.

25. The Event Organizer reserves the right to accept or deny participants, modify any of the above rules and regulations as it deems necessary to ensure the success of the National MILOLittle Olympics.


INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, and Taekwondo)

1st Place Gold Medals
2nd Place Silver Medals
3rd Place Bronze Medals

TEAM EVENTS (Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Football, Gymnastics, Lawn Tennis, Sepak Takraw, Table Tennis, Scrabble, and Volleyball)

1st Place Individual Gold Medals
2nd Place Individual Silver Medals
3rd Place Individual Bronze Medals


MOA for Elementary Level Php 10,000.00 (worth of educational Fund) + Plaque + one year supply of MILO products

MOA for Secondary Level Php 10,000.00 (worth of educational Fund) +
Plaque + one year supply of MILO products

NATIONAL WINNERS ELEMENTARY DIVISION (Awards given to the Winning Regions)

Champion – Trophy
2nd Place Overall – Trophy
3rd Place Overall – Trophy

NATIONAL WINNERS SECONDARY DIVISION (Awards given to the Winning Regions)

Champion – Trophy
2nd Place Overall – Trophy
3rd Place Overall – Trophy

NATIONAL OVERALL WINNERS (Awards given to the Winning Regions)

National Overall Champion – Perpetual Trophy + Champion Trophy
2nd Place Overall – Trophy
3rd Place Overall – Trophy

Note : A Perpetual Trophy is a trophy that will be awarded to the region that won the National Overall Champion. This trophy will be passed on to the next National Overall Champion year after year. However, if a region will win three (3) consecutive years as National Overall Champion, that region will have its right to keep the Perpetual Trophy eternally. In the event that the region will lost the Perpetual Trophy the Regional Organizer will be required to replace the trophy.