Viral: This Model Used Her Connection With PNP To Escape Apprehension

Always think before you post online!
posted on: Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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A facebook post of a woman named Alyzza Agustin shows a picture of a calling card allegedly owned by a PNP Director. The screenshot of the post was first uploaded by Top Gear Philippines page:

Turns out Alyzza Agustin is an . According to her post which is already deleted, she committed a number coding violation (one’s vehicle is barred from travelling if its plate number ends on a certain number). She allegedly escaped apprehension thanks to “Boss Alex” and now she’s a #happykid.

Alyzza Agustin facebook page

Is the model having an affair with the PNP Director? What does “EA” mean? Some comments jokingly said EA means “Extramarital Affair” or “Extrang Asawa”… we’ll never know.

Well, we haven’t ruled out that the post is probably fake and photoshopped but the name Alexander Ignacio of PNP actually exists according to Presidential Communications Operations Office .

Anyway, this incident is a good example of how you should definitely think before you post something online. Stay safe and enjoy your internet, people!