#Mommyproblems: 10 Problems We All Have Given Our Mother Dear

We’ve all given our dear mother a headache.
posted on: Thursday, May 8, 2014
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As a child, teenager or adult, we all have done this and that.

Being a son or daughter only a mother could love or even hate, we’ve been chased by a stick – ready to be hit on our butt whenever we anger her (that was then when spanking was the norm).

But not only is she there to punish us, she is also there to protect us no matter what.

Happy Mother’s Day and make sure to give her a hug and make amends with your mama after reading this and realized you did some of these #mommyproblems:

1. Failing your grades


When the laziness of a teenager sets in, school grades are the ones that get hit the worst. And who else would immediately complain?

Of course, our mothers. They are just concerned with us but it’s often too late when we realize our mistakes and off we go to being out of school.

2. Not eating vegetable


Every damn time this commercial about Judy Ann Santos worrying about her child not eating the proper meal, it strikes me hard why I didn’t eat vegetables as my mother told me when I was young. Now, I’m thin and sickly so mothers do know best, especially about our well-being.

3. Messing around the house


When you just lie down on the couch and crumple the cloth cover, or when you just throw the peelings away when eating a banana, or when you don’t properly put your toys in the box,  our mothers always end up disciplining us.

They try to teach us cleanliness. No matter what, they seem to all act like Aling Dionisia when they scold us.

4. Changing the channel while she watches her favorite soap opera


When the other channel shows cartoon, it’s easy to beg for mommy to change it. But don’t expect her to change the channel right away. You gotta wrestle with the remote control and when you succeed, your mom would just concede. She may not show it, but she’s hurt if she can’t watch her favorite.

5. Complaining about everything


From disliking your mom’s cooked meal to messing with your hairstyle, we have complaints for all intents and purposes and our main victim is mother. One day you’ll regret when no one’s around to prepare your breakfast.

6. Not listening to her advice


When mother has something to say, ipalusot lang dayun sa pikas dunggan. Especially when it’s  important advice about how important school is or how to become a billionaire, we’ve missed some chances in life by simply not taking heed of our mothers’ pieces of advice.

7. Not following her advice


Yeah, you’ve listened to her. No doubt. Now, mother is crying (cue radio playing Anak by Freddie Aguilar). When she said no to drugs and you actually refused follow her advice! (Boy, that escalated quickly!)

8. Coming home late (from a party perhaps?)


This worries our mothers to the point of getting paranoid. “What if you got mugged? What if you got killed? What if you got raped?”

“But mom, I’m already a grown-up!”

If you’re playing Dota overtime at an internet cafe late at night, brace yourself as she is coming to get you even if you consider yourself a grown-up.

9. Lying to her and getting caught


It’s okay to lie but just don’t get caught ‘cause when mother discovers it, a thousand scolding isn’t enough. Maybe ten slaps in the butt would do, but who knows? Each mother has different standards when it comes to punishment.

10. Disrespecting her


A very grave sin. We might sometimes hate her for being too meddlesome in our affairs, but disrespecting and insulting her is too much.

A mother that’s so strong-willed can be so fragile to her own child’s insults.

But let’s not get too emotional though, we’re not in a ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’ episode.

Getting along with our mother might be easy, but it’s also easy to offend her.

Make sure to surprise her this Mother’s Day to show that you’re sorry for everything you’ve done when you were just a rebellious teenager.

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