Mother Mortgages House To Fulfill Asthmatic Child’s Dream. Their Story Will Make You Shed Tears.

An Olympic-Size Dream
posted on: Monday, February 10, 2014

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A mother’s love for her kid is undeniably one of the strongest forces in nature you will get to see and experience. A mother will certainly do everything for her child.

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The mom that I’m talking about has a kid who suffered from asthma. Her kid couldn’t join his friends when they played football or other outdoor sports. This is enough to break the heart of any mother but thankfully, her kid has a strong spirit and her son figured out that he wants something. It was not football nor basketball. The kid eventually figured out that he wanted to give figure skating a try.

Michael Christian Martinez

Finally, her kid has found out what he loves to do. Her kid even decided to become one of the best figure skaters in the world. That’s easy since all he needs to do is practice, practice and practice, right?

Michael Christian Martinez

Maybe I forgot to tell you that this kid lives in a tropical country. Where on earth can you find an ice skating rink in the middle of a humid country?

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Cebu Resort Hotel

Thankfully, there’s a large retail company that built an indoor Olympic-sized ice skating rink. The kid went to the rink once a week, learned the basics of figure skating and honed his skills. He did this for three years, with his mother giving out all her support.

SM ice skating rink

Then it was time for this kid to step up his skills. For him to accomplish this, he needed to go to Colorado Springs. While he was training, he observed how some of the best US skaters trained and he noticed that he still had a lot of skills to develop. So he decided to move to Los Angeles and worked with Ilia Kulik, John Nicks, Phillip Mills, and Viktor Kudriyavtsev.

Colorado Springs

Los Angeles

This kid wanted the big time and so did her mom. What do you think their ultimate dream is? It’s none other than the Olympics!

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Hurdles like steep costs of having a coach. Joining a competition abroad requires at least $10,000. But it did not stop the kid from grabbing the first podium at the Crystal Skate competition held in Romania last 2012 and the third podium at the New Years Cup held in Slovakia last year.

Michael Christian Martinez

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images North America

How did they manage to overcome financial challenges? Thankfully, a large Philippine retailer and the Philippine Skating Union gave financial support. Add to it the fact that his mother have their house mortgaged. Talk about a mother’s all-out support for her son!

home mortgage

What is the name of the ice skating champion’s mother? Give your warm applause to Teresa Martinez!


The kid I have been talking about the whole time is Michael Christian Martinez, the very first representative of our country to make it to 2014 Sochi Winter Games! He made Olympic history when he qualified for the Winter Games. He is considered to be the very first skater to represent a country from Southeast Asia.

Michael Christian Martinez

CNS photo/Robin Ritoss

Michael Christian Martinez

Cherry Del Carmen

So what motivated this kid to challenge the odds? He admits that he prays a lot, especially because they could not afford to have a coach all the time. He also added that without the support of his mother, he couldn’t possibly make it this far.

Michael Christian Martinez

Thank you Teresa Martinez and Michael Christian Martinez! You make all of us very proud! We wish you all the best in the 2014 Sochi Winter Games! Micheal proves to us that Filipinos can excel in winter sports even if we live in a tropical country.

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