NOOB MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Waves’ By A Cebuano Filmmaker

posted on: Monday, September 22, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

[It is a shame on my part that I just made this post today. The screening of this film was last September 5, and today is 23. Shame on me.]

Anyway, when I was chosen by the team to attend the screening, I was excited because it was produced by Waverly Pictures, a Philippine-based motion-picture company founded by a homegrown Cebuano, Don Gerardo Frasco from Liloan, Cebu. What was more interesting was that it was shot in Palawan and Cebu, specifically in Oslob and Liloan.

According to the press kit emailed, Waves is a romantic drama about the intimate relationship between Ross (Baron Geisler) and Sofia (Ilona Struzik). Baron’s name rang a bell but Ilona Struzik? I googled her and found out that she’s a professional model of Polish descent.

Baron Geisler paired with an international model? Sorry for the being incredulous, but the media doesn’t really show Geisler in a positive light at the moment.

Putting all those thoughts aside, the film was indeed romantic.

It is fraught with passionate staring.

Passionate kissing.

And many more passionate…

…staring between the two.

In most telenovelas and movies here in the country, Geisler has always portrays the villain of the story.

Well yeah, in this film he had a bottle clinging on his mouth, but he’s not the villain here. He’s Ross, an emotional friend of Sofia who loves her. I don’t know what Don Frasco was thinking on assigning Baron on such a role, but in fairness, it’s not surprising that he did his role very well.

My only issue with the film was that Sofia is always biting and pouting her lips. Although it makes her look sexier, it wasn’t really necessary to do those things. (Maybe because she’s a model? I don’t know.)

Here’s the trailer of Waves.

P.S.: Call me dumb, but I don’t really get why it’s titled as Waves. Meh.