10 Practices Filipinos Do On Holy Week

If you haven’t done one these, you’re either a foreigner or a plant.
posted on: Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Our culture and traditions are very colorful.

 If we have a peso for every tradition we have, then we’ll be rich.

Holy Week traditions are what make this week vibrant rather than a melancholic one.

Let’s cherish our culture by practicing traditions like these:

1. Semi-fasting

fasting on holy week


Oh yes, we avoid meat but still eat seafood to our hearts’ content. Holy Week surely is fishermen’s lucky week.

2. Refraining from making noises

no noise during holy week


Holy Week is a much quieter time without those ‘sintunados’ singing on videoke bars with cracked voice.

3. Closing stores and shops

closed shops during holy week


Stores are closed so you should stockpile on the things you need as if a typhoon is coming.

4. Watching religious movies on TV

films during holy week


The Passion of the Christ is a staple movie during Holy Week so you should watch it… again just like last year.

5. The ‘Biyernes Santo’ countenance

biyernes santo face


Nagmumukha kang Biyernes Santo”. Try imagining that face. How does a Good Friday face look like? Does it look like your pet bulldog, or the people involved in PDAF scam? Yeah, everybody’s like that this Holy Week.

6. Attending the procession

holy week procession


Even if you aren’t that religious, you try to go to church just to be able participate in the procession. How cool is that when people on the street stare at you while you walk with hundreds of others?

7. Listening to Siete Palabras

siete palabras on holy week


The melancholic voice of whoever talks on TV or radio makes you just want to turn it off but your grandparents are listening so you can do nothing at all.

8. Attending a prayer vigil

attending a prayer vigil during holy week


You don’t really listen to what the priest says, you just come along with your friends. And now you’re wondering why you’re holding a candle?

9. Senakulo

senakulo during holy week


Filipinos love acting and they reenact the events on the Bible that lead to Jesus’ death. No matter how crap the acting is, you should definitely watch the play. Don’t bring popcorn, you’re fasting.

10. Eating binignit

binignit on holy week


I can’t type anymore I’m busy eating.

Enjoy the Holy Week even if you can’t watch your favorite sirena on TV.

Just type in the comments which sirena you like, or something about the article.