10 Hulog-Hulog Piso Games That Made Your Childhood Awesome

What are the games you remember?
posted on: Sunday, May 18, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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I always remember when I was still young we saved up our “baon” and “waldas” it during weekends. Forgetting that we could have bought “” but what the heck if you played these games you would probably do the same.



The thrill of being chased by 8-bit ghost is heart pounding “kay bata lageh ignorante pajud“, shouting when the ghost finally caught’s up with you.You realize that Payback is a bitch when you ate that magical large pellets.

If you want to play it on your browser check the link below. You’re welcome.


2. Super Mario World


Do you remember when you first rode on Yoshi or when you first flew because of that magical cape or when you found out about the secret passage that made you go to another stage or defeating your first boss. Those are just the many things that made Mario win the hearts of young kids.

3. Mortal Kombat II


This game is brutal and violent, I can’t believe that the owner of the “Hulog-Hulog piso” allowed us to play it. Regardless it was one of the fun experience especially when you performed your first fatality or defeated the boss with multiple arms.

4. Top Gear

When you hear this song what do you remember? Nostalgia of course. Pumping up your nitro bumping up those dumb bots and of course your noob friend.

5. Dragon Ball


These were the times when DBZ was a massive hit. I remember adult keeps playing that we can’t even use “hulog-hulog” piso computer. I remember the look on my friends when I memorize the code that could unlock characters unfortunately.

6. Biker Mice from Mars

Among all the list, this game is my favorite. Why? There is something very funny about this game whether the map or the different vehicles.

Just make sure to pick Modo or else you will have a bad time.

7. Sonic Wings II


That awesome moment when you collected all powers up without dying yeah that takes skill. Dodging bullets like a pro and conserving that bombs for the boss, yup those are the things that makes this game special.

8. Contra III


Considered  to be one of the hardest game in history of videos games your given only 3 lives and one hit one kill game mechanic. How many coins did it take you to accomplish level 2? I hardly reached this boss without wasting a lot of coins.

9. Bomber Man


It is times like these you wish the hulog-hulog piso computer had four controllers because the more the merrier. Also, have you ever trapped yourself with your own bomb? I know right so dumb.

10. Street Fighter


Haduken! Yeah we know you tried it in the real world and nope I’m not judging because I tried once and it didn’t work out too well. How about the time when you had your fictional crush – Chun Li? Again I’m not judging .

“Bisan maka pisos ko sa ako mama” it’s still cool because at the end of the day awesome memories were made.

What games did I miss?

What are “hulog-hulog piso” moments do you remember?