10 TV Series You Can Watch This Summer

If you’re trapped in watching local TV shows, then you’ve missed everything.
posted on: Friday, April 11, 2014
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Local TV shows are filled with drama clichés, corny sitcoms and some other fillers that can somehow entertain the Filipino masses.

If you’re a fan of local shows but is getting tired of watching them, then it’s time to take a shot at watching foreign shows.

Listed are rated in no particular order but let me just put numbers on them.

10. House M.D.


A hateful but genius doctor, House (yeah, that’s his last name) treats patients with mysterious diseases. This show is a mixture of drama, comedy and mystery which hooks you into the fascinating the world of doctors and operating tables.

9. True Detective


Starring Oscars 2014 best actor Matthew McConaughey andWoody Harrelson, two detectives investigate about a creepy murder in rural America. Superb acting, story and cinematography, this one’s definitely not your ordinary detective series.

8. Suits


A genius character fakes his way to a law firm. I don’t even like law shows but this one’s definitely worth giving a try.

7. The Walking Dead


Who doesn’t love to watch a show about zombie apocalypse? Get your adrenaline pumped up as you wonder whether the characters survive or have their brains eaten.

6. Dexter


A serial killer who works for the police by day and murders criminal by night. This series starts out so good and ends just the right amount of good. If you like murder shows, try this one.

5. Doctor Who


Aliens? Check. Time Travel? Check. Robots? Check. If you love sci-fi then Doctor Who is just for you. Just don’t ask who the doctor is.

4. Hannibal


Hannibal Lecter, a sociopathic killer and cannibal, is definitely one of the creepiest villain of all time. Now in this show, he’s the protagonist so let me give you a fair warning – this show gives you an unsettling feeling as the victims are killed in a very grotesque fashion. It’s a very interesting and unusual take on a murder show.

3. Breaking Bad


Watch Walter White’s descent as he transforms from a normal chemistry teacher to a vicious drug manufacturer. This show is brilliantly written and it’s acting is top-notch, receiving multiple awards and recognition. Certainly one of the must-watch TV series.

2. Sherlock


A modern take on the classic Sherlock Holmes stories, this show was conceived by the pioneers of Doctor Who. Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective and together with his partner, Doctor John Watson, they solve crimes and meet their worst enemies. This show is known for its cliffhangers and making fans wait for two years before a new season comes out, but the wait is definitely worth it.

1. Game of Thrones


One of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of all time, Game of Thrones transcends the norms of a regular TV show.

Set in a fictional world of castles and knights, this show deals with different central characters and their goal to sit on the Iron Throne and rule over the Seven Kingdoms.

Prepare to get your mind blown and hearts broken as your favorite characters die one by one.

What about you, do you have any favorite TV shows to suggest?