Netizens angry at TV networks for limited news on super storm aftermath while CNN kept Filipinos informed

posted on: Saturday, November 9, 2013
Chris Wayne Comendador
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Amidst the relief and rescue operations conducted in Tacloban and other affected areas in Leyte and Samar brought by thyphoon Yolanda, netizens showed disappointment towards how media covered the disaster.

Here are some entry posted on social media.

1. Joan feeling irritated how regular shows are on air.


2. Rex in response to Largo’s post,

3.  And also,

4. Mark asks why is the coverage focused on Luzon.

5. Facebook page the Thinking Minds also shares disappointment  towards Yolanda media coverage

Victims are facing major communication issues due to damage brought by Yolanda.

Though people are eager to know up-to-date information, networks can’t properly establish a live coverage in the Tacloban and some major areas affected in Samar and Leyte.

Let’s help, donate, and pray for the people in Tacloban.