10 Pinoy Refreshments To Cool Your Summer

Don’t just resort to chewing ice this summer. Try something else!
posted on: Sunday, April 20, 2014
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This summer, expect to sweat profusely as the sun scorches your body.

How do you defend yourself against it? Why don’t you try these refreshments:

1. Orange Juice


Easy to prepare, Orange juice is a common beverage to serve at home. You can also try other flavors, but orange has become the staple one and the mango flavor makes you cough.

2. Ice Candy


There was always this neighbor who sold ice candy in summer when we were kids. Be it just frozen orange juice or a more flavorful one (like Milo!), it was always and will always be a bestseller.

3. Ice Drop


The Filipino version of the popsicle. Ice drop vendors are available everywhere even inside the school campus. So when you hear the sound of “kiling-kiling-kiling”, look for the man who carries an ice bucket. Warning, sometimes the ice drops from the stick so be careful.

4. Buko Juice


Being a tropical country, the Philippines is home to a lot of coconut trees. We all know that when there’s coconut, there’s always buko juice! A singer named Jireh Lim even composed a song about it.

5. Mango Shaved Ice


Being a tropical country, the Philippines is – oh wait, I’m repeating the last paragraph. But seriously, mango is our national fruit and it’s not surprising how many desserts and beverages we can prepare from it. Mango shaved ice is a cool dessert made of shaved ice, mango and evaporated milk. It’s a simple refreshment yet so cool.

6. Fruit Smoothie (Fruit Shake)


If you have a blender, you can prepare any kind of fruit and (well, you know) blend them. It’s a healthy beverage and good if you’re on a diet.

7. Samalamig


You can find one on the streets. Samalamig is a cold beverage that contains sago (tapioca pearls) and gulaman (gelatin). Samalamig is a cool refreshment you can dig.

8. Sorbetes


Sorbetes is a Filipino ice cream and the vendor who sells it is aptly called mamang sorbetero. Sorbetes is so ingrained in our culture that there’s an urban legend about how mamang sorbetero put snot on his ice cream to enhance the flavor, hence it’s called dirty ice cream. It’s not important if it’s true, we love it!

9. Cold Water


Nothing beats the pure taste of cold water. It’s refreshing and costs almost nothing at all! It’s especially good for those who are on a tight budget.

10. Halo-halo


Summer won’t be complete without the superstar, Halo-halo. TV personality and chef Anthony Bourdain describes it as “oddly beautiful”, there’s no arguing Halo-halo’s one of the best refreshments you can get this summer.

It’s indeed hot this summer and one must keep refreshed!

What about you, what’s your favorite refreshment? Is it on the list?