On This Special Day, Rizal Gets Greetings And The Mind-Boggling Question: What Does The Fox Say?

Perhaps he can help us answer this question!
posted on: Monday, December 30, 2013

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Because we now live in the digital age, our Christmas greetings and even birthday greetings are made electronically. Does our gratitude for Jose Rizal’s fortitude become an exception? Nope!

In commemoration of Rizal’s death, let’s take a look at how some netizens expressed their gratitude for the great things that Jose Rizal has done for us and this country.

To add a bit of quirkiness, could our national hero answer the question, “What does the fox say?”

Jose Rizal answers us with a quotable quote.

Maybe Rizal told Ka Bino the answer.

But the mind-boggling question is still running on Ralf’s mind.

For the meantime, let’s take some selfies before the fox goes out of the foxhole.

Thankfully, Boboi Costas gave us a peek on where Rizal used to live in Europe, but it did not answer our question.

Tonyo Cruz showcased the martyrdom that Bagumbayan has seen…

…but it wasn’t able to answer our question, too, so Cruz added some deep words from our hero for us to ponder on.

Orly Cajegas gave us another set of deep words that might send us swimming in thought, since we are all going gaga on what the fox really says.

Perhaps college students and young professionals can answer this inquiry? I don’t know, but I can relate with your post, Mark!

Yes, another dark event happened on December 30, too. Perhaps the fox was present here.

Cruz reminded us of the gift that we Filipinos are enjoying today–freedom! Hmmm… No sign of the fox yet!

Ralph Gonzales shared some lines from one of Rizal’s greatest works instead, Mi Ultimo Adios.

It’s safe to say that until now, nobody knows the fox’s sound, not even Jose Rizal. So we will leave you with Sir Dante Luzon’s post featuring Joey Ayala’s musical version of Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios.

What question would you like to ask Jose Rizal if he were alive today?