Our mother works hard at home. What older moms do before will make you cry

Old school moms rule!
posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014

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Since Mother’s Day is here, let’s give a loud shout out to all the mothers in the world!

Ahooo! Ahooo! Ahooo!


In dedication to all their undying love, support and hard work, I have made a list of all the household chores or practices that only old school moms can relate.

As for the new generation of moms, it’ll be fun reading this.




Back then, you’d have to fetch water from the well or river to wash your clothes but most of the time, old school moms prefer to bring soiled clothes to the river.

They’d look for a perfect spot and after they find it, they’d bring out their secret weapons – the laundry basin, detergent soap and wooden paddle.

They’d start scrubbing and beating all the stains on your clothes to death!

Aren’t you happy you have a washing machine at home?

By the way, mothers love to make school uniforms tuskig back then. They’d put Zoy on your clothes to make you look snappy.





They didn’t have electric stoves or conduction cookers back then. Moms of yore relied on the most reliable cooking style, cooking with fire!

In order to cook with fire, you’d have to gather enough firewood. Once you have them ready, you’re going to start a fire using matches and the wood that you’ve gathered.

To keep the fire burning, you’d have to blow air into it from time to time or simply use a fan to increase the fire.

You’ll end up smelling like smoke after cooking.


Your Baon for School


Tupperware and Lock n’ Lock wasn’t invented yet so how do kids bring their lunch or snacks to school?

Mother’s simply wrap their kan-on og sud-an in banana leaves and tie a ribbon around it.

Humot kaayo ilang food inig open nila sa dahon during lunch.


Ironing clothes


They don’t know what steam iron or dry cleaning is because it wasn’t existent back then.

To make our clothes wrinkle-free, our mothers used a charcoal iron. To make the iron hot, they’d place hot charcoals. Ironing wasn’t easy because the device is quite heavy and hot.

I’m so gad I wasn’t able to use this kind of iron because mapasmo akong kamot kung maghugas kog kamot after ironing clothes.


Getting from one place to another


Not all people owned a horse or kalesa for travelling back then so most of the time, they walk for many kilometers everyday!

Night Time


There was no electricity back then. They all relied on candles and oil lamps to brighten up their night.


Disciplinary Actions


When mothers were the disciplinarians of the house, they made use of various devices to ensure that their kids will not make pabadlong anymore. But the usual favorite is the leather belt. The bigger the belt was, the harder it hurts our bottoms!


Aren’t these facts awesome?

Can you add something to this list?

If so, feel free to write your comments and we’ll include them on our next article.