So PAGASA Discards Kanor As Cyclone Name. What’s The Reason?

PAGASA renames the next cyclone from Kanor to Karding.
posted on: Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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According to and the 2014 tropical cyclone names list posted by , the next cyclone will be named “Kanor”.

However, PAGASA suddenly changed their mind, renaming the upcoming storm “Karding” as seen on their facebook update.

PAGASA gave no reasons as of this writing but for most netizens, the reason was fairly obvious – the name Mang Kanor –  was a laughingstock among internet goers.

Who really is Mang Kanor?

Nobody really knows his real identity.

became an internet sensation when intimate videos of him and a young lady circulated on the internet years ago. According to various sources, Mang Kanor was an ex-cop who funded the lady’s college studies in exchange for sexual favors.

According to some, he is on the run from the authorities for releasing the videos to the internet, that’s why he’s never been found again.

Whoever Mang Kanor is, his name is now used to describe a middle-aged man who is in a relationship with a much, much  younger woman.

No wonder why PAGASA decided to change the storm’s name…