Part Two: These Filipino Fail Signs Will Surely Make You Laugh

We Filipinos have a lot of major major problems but English ain’t one.
posted on: Monday, May 26, 2014
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We Filipinos can perfectly understand English, but it doesn’t mean we’re experts when it comes to grammar.

Some of us may not have listened to our English teachers when we were still studying, and now, it has taken its toll.

Don’t take these signs seriously!

10. Do you have an extra hand?

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9. These signs… I wonder what they are erecting

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8. I-translate sa English

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7. Why? Don’t you like girl waitress?

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6. At least he didn’t say ‘Washeng Masheng’

5. Are you selling kidneys as well?

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4. How Aling Dionisia pronounces ‘double deck’

3. I wanna know the prize!

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2. Naa pa? I need one!

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1. Rest in Pieces English

Funny Signs and Photos in the Philippines Facebook Page

 Just keep calm and have a laugh no matter how bad our eynglish is.

Do you have other Filipino fail signs to add? Put it in the comments below.