A Message To Mom: My Passion Between The Strings And Ink

And I just hope she’ll finally accept this.
posted on: Saturday, October 11, 2014
Eliezer Sanchez
music enthusiast, self-proclaimed writer. #PopPunk isn't dead!

“Wala kay kaugmaon anang banda-banda!”

My mom always nags me about that. She doesn’t approve of my passion. Music!

Music has always been my passion aside from writing. Music is my escape, my open secret. A secret between the strings of my guitars and the ink of my pen. With those, I’ve found a niche; I’ve learned to speak through those two creative channels.

Pursuing music gives me such happiness. A euphoria! I have tried having a couple of gigs, and every time I strum those guitar strings to make a rhythm, an enormous feeling of anxiety and delight encapsulates me. A relationship that only me and the six-stringed instrument know.

Right now I’m trying to push myself into the world of music design and production.

And I’m in love with it right now!

In terms of writing, that’s where I can really express myself. From my thoughts to what I feel, I write them down: from scribbling them to my notebook, posting on Facebook, and even writing them on my own skin! I always write. I’m always craving to speak myself out!

Now I’m trying to find other ways to learn, to be heard (currently I’m learning the basics of digital photography), and to let the society know what things are wrong, things that need to change.

This is what I love, this is my passion, and I’m chasing it no matter what! So to my mom who always say:

“Wala kay kaugmaon anang banda-banda!”

I’m sorry, Ma, no one’s gonna stop me right now! I’m reaching for the clouds!

(With fingers crossed!)