Philippines Among Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World Based on Instagram

This is going to make us more happier!
posted on: Monday, March 24, 2014

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The general public considered it as good news. Personally, I was very amused with the results.

But the fun did not stop there!

A few days ago, another study was released to the public. Philippines is once again part of something great!

Worldwide Instagram posts of over 150 million were analyzed by Jetpac and their analysis determined which countries in the world are the happiest.

Just how did they come up with the results?

They analyzed how often people smile in their photos and determine their smile score. The bigger, the better!

So how did the Philippines ranked? Out of 100 points, these are the countries who made it to the Top Ten.

1. Brazil – 60.8 points

2. Nicaragua – 59.4 points

3. Colombia – 49.8 points

4. Bolivia – 48.1 points

5. Costa Rica – 47.4 points

6. Honduras – 47.2 points

7. Venezuela – 45.2 points

8. Philippines – 44.8 points

9. Guatemala – 42.0 points

10. Mexico – 40.1 points

Do you notice something about the countries who made it to the top ten?

In case you haven’t noticed, most of them are from Latin America and speak Spanish.

As for me, Philippines making it to Top 8 was no surprise.

Want proof?

If yes, post your comments below by posting a #selfie with a #bigsmile!