PHL Internet Turns 20 On March 29. Guess How Mandaue Is Celebrating It.

You might want to check out how Mandaue establishments will be celebrating PHL Internet 20th birthday.
posted on: Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

You won’t be reading this if not because of the Internet.

It was in the University of San Carlos (USC) – Talamban Campus, on March 29, 1994, 20 years ago that the Philippines was first connected to the global internet.

Since then, the internet has played a major role in our daily lives.

Maybe at first we thought of it as a fad but eventually it became a way of life.

So how is Cebu celebrating PHL internet 20th birthday?

Guess what?

Maybe Mandaue City, Cebu is the lone city in the province that has thought of commemorating the 20th year of PHL internet.

Here’s a resolution passed by the City Council of Mandaue to celebrate PHL internet 20th birthday.

“Now therefore, be it resolved as it is hereby resolved, to request homeowners to change their service set identifier (SSID) or more popularly known as name of Wi-Fi connection to #PHNet20 and to business establishments which provides internet and or Wi-Fi connection to its clientele like internet café, coffee shops, restaurants, telecommunication provider and the like to offer or provide a promotional activity in line with the 20th anniversary when the Philippines was first connected to the global internet on March 29, 1994.”

The resolution encourages Mandauehanons to change the SSID of their routers to #PHNet20 and make some “promotional activity in line with the 20th anniversary.”

Examples are:

  • 20 pesos for 24 hours
  • for every 20 friends you brought to a certain Internet Cafe, you get to have a free hour

Sorry folks, as of this writing only Mandaue City has thought of this.

We hope, though, that the other cities in Cebu will do the same, too.

Thanks to Hon. Emmarie Ouano-Dizon, Mandaue City’s Vice Chairman on Foreign Relations, for making this resolution possible.

Family of Hon. Emmarie Ouano-Dizon (front row, right)

Moreover, TenMinute TALK, a project of is organizing an event on March 29, Saturday at Cebu Grand Hotel from 2pm-4pm dubbed as “#PHNet20Cebu: Building Your Success Online.”

The event aims to talk about the internet of yesterday and how key players see it, moving forward. It also aims to teach participants how to create a successful presence online.

Sign up for FREE! Limited slots only.

Registration Form - #PHNet20: Building Your Online Success



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