PH’s Slow Internet, Who’s to Blame?

And we Filipinos just blindly accept it.
posted on: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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It’s such a shame that despite our country slowly becoming an , our internet is slowest in this part of the globe.

Heck, even Laos and Cambodia which have significantly  than the Philippines, have faster Internet.

And don’t make me talk about Vietnam which has almost 4 times our average speed.

To add fuel to the fire, it’s not just slow, it’s expensive as hell.

ASEAN DNA facebook page

Yes, we are the social media and one of the most vocal netizens. Why should we suffer such dismal service? Loading here, disconnections there, we call our ISPs and it takes weeks to solve the issue.

Who’s to blame for PH’s slow and expensive Internet?

We should blame ourselves, for not batting an eye on the issue.

For being content in putting selfies on Facebook that take minutes to upload.

For ranting online about how slow the Internet is and not doing anything about it.

We should blame the government, for allowing oligarchy to rule the market. For not opening the market and allow free competition. For taking bribes from corporate assholes and only think about themselves.

We should also blame the companies that offer internet services.

On the bright side, a to investigate this mess.

However, if this probe isn’t followed up, it might just disappear.

We should continue to take part in this investigation, and be mindful of its advancement.

All in all, this problem won’t lead to a solution if we just keep silent.

I’ve been just disconnected and still loading my FB and if you want to comment about how slow your Internet is, just post it in the comment section.