Two Major Pinoy Dota2 Teams May Meet Their Downfall After A Scandal

Mineski and MSI are Philippine Dota2 Teams who have always been the source of the country’s pride.
posted on: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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The two Dota2 teams, Mineski and MSI-Evolution Gaming Team were allegedly involved in a match fixing deal.

Photo from facebook pages of Mineski and MSI

The scandal, dubbed as *322 Scandal, was revealed by a who posted several hacked Facebook chat logs revealing the deal between Michael Vincent Vallejos, the alleged owner of a trading community on Facebook, and Jonathan Radores, a former stand-in of Team Mineski.

Here’s one of the chat log dated 9/25 revealing Vallejos’s plan:


The chat basically tells that Mineski player Jacko would pick Tinker. And sure did Mineski picked Tinker in their match against MSI on September 25:

The whole chat reveals that MSI would throw the game, giving the win to Mineski. Mineski would then throw their match against Team Immunity… and it all . Cash amounting to P40,000 was allegedly paid to the people involved in the scandal.

So how do the masterminds earn money for the match fixing? A website called  allows anyone to bet virtual Dota2 items. Though these are just virtual and don’t exist in real world, you can potentially exchange these items into money wherein the value may reach thousands of pesos.

The case is now under investigation and some say that the chat log might be manipulated, so the hacker posted a .

Meanwhile, Mineski and MSI have released their respective statements regarding the 322 scandal and suspended the players involved:

This isn’t the first time that Mineski was involved in a scandal. Their former player, Julz, allegedly scammed a player into giving him Dota2 items worth thousands of pesos.

*Anyway, the number 322 comes from a Dota2 scandal where a professional player bet and won $322 against his own team.