Pinoys, The Most Gullible People In The World?

How many times should we believe an obvious lie?
posted on: Thursday, May 1, 2014
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A  conducted three years ago shows that Filipinos are the most gullible people in the world despite their high literacy rate and I agree with it.

There’s a  report about a child faith healer drawing attention in Zamboanga.

Just three months ago three boys talked about a  which later turned out to be a lie.

Nevertheless, it gained enough attention to set the nation abuzz.

How many times have these happened?

I mean, it’s possible that you just say a simple lie and the whole country believes in it.

As if poor people having too many kids to feed and voting undeserving politicians weren’t enough, Pinoys have one-upped their stupidity by being too gullible and believe in everything they hear.

Talking images that can miraculously heal illnesses? Let’s put up a chapel to adore them.

The US no longer needs a VISA, yeah right!

Even the flowery words that politicians spill out of their mouths are enough to set the Filipinos crazy to vote for them.

And then they protest when the government isn’t doing its job properly.

Are Filipinos really gullible?

From being animists during the pre-colonial era to swallowing the invader’s religion, gullibility is just as natural to them as breathing the polluted air in urban areas.

They haven’t changed a single bit.

Try to tell them something and they easily get tricked and their #pinoypride would tell you they’re not.

How many times would to mend his gullible heart (it’s a prosperous business in Sarangani to be a pastor)?

It’s no wonder pyramid schemes are thriving in this god-forsaken country.

The Philippines remains a poor country despite economic improvements and the common Filipinos still rely heavily on government sanctioned charities such as lottos (a big hit in the country), ‘It’s Showtime’ and ‘Eat Bulaga!’ (Sadly, Wowowee is no more).

Filipinos are too gullible.

One insult and they come knocking on your door to pick a fight, and if you’re an international celebrity you’ll be declared persona non grata.

It’s even amplified now with everyone of them having an extra appendage called a smartphone in order to be able to easily share what they heard and read.

Want to punch me now? That Harvard study is a satire and you should feel bad.

Filipinos are indeed gullible.

Did I hurt your #peelings?

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