Private Chapel In Carcar, Cebu Goes Public Because Of A “Miracle”?

It was private then suddenly became public because of this kid saw.
posted on: Sunday, June 22, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

This little chapel in Lagang, Carcar City, Cebu remained private until people started flocking to it because of a “miracle”.


It triggered people’s curiosity.


Here’s what really happened.


It was early Sunday morning, when John Patrick, 5-years old, went to tell his father, Nelson, that the statue in their chapel was “crying” blood.

carcar miracle

John Patrick and Soñia Regis

The dad wouldn’t believe until he went to the place the next day. There he saw the statue of Our Lady of Fatima with patches of what looked like blood near the the right eye, and drips of dried blood on the chest of the statue.

our lady of fatima


He immediately went to tell his wife Soñia about the “miracle”.

carcar miracle

Soñia Regis

Aside from the blood, Soñia also noticed a lot of mysterious things on the statue: the eyes were red as if it was weeping, the hands in prayer were extended to the right which isn’t what a normal Fatima statue looks like, left foot was a little bit forward, and the cape was slightly uncovering the image. For Soñia, a miracle just happened!


The couple were hesitant at first to tell the “marvel” they just witnessed, but they decided to share what they saw.


News spread like wildfire, hundreds of devotees flocked to the little chapel, which was is now opened to the public.

Students and people from neighboring barangays of Carcar trooped to the place.

car car mircle

 Not all are believers of the said miracle.


Some are skeptical saying that they’re just doing it for the money.

According to Soñia Regis,  the private chapel was from their great great grandparents, passed onto generations.

The chapel wasn’t known to many as it was private.

Though the Regis family celebrates its fiesta yearly, the chapel wasn’t really that popular.


Some agrees with the Regis family. “Ako motoo man jud ko ana. Katoliko ko, deboto ko anang Birhen Maria. Kaning panghitabo naa gyud ni mensahe siya,” said Apolinaria, candle vendor.


According to Monsignor Esteban Binghay, there are three things to consider before validating the occurrence as a miracle: persistence, conversion of people, and the message of the miracle.

Now based on the above criteria given by the monsignor, do you think the miracle is authentic?