10 Funny Ways To Drastically Reduce Your Stress During A National Crisis

posted on: Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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A national crisis can put a lot of pressure on any nation. In fact, it can blow our minds off worrying about what’s going to happen next. And more often than not, we get so worried we get stressed! Well, to reduce the stress, here are some funny tips that might be very helpful to you.

1. Ask local television networks to play funny movies 24/7.

A family that laugh together, stays together. (Image courtesy of )

2. Demand politicians to dance as if it’s election campaign period once again.

I really find it funny when politicians dance during campaign periods. Is it included in the list of requirements to become eligible for public office? (Image courtesy of )

3. Ask Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago to address the nation with her pick-up lines and play it live on national television.

Booooooom! (Image courtesy of )

4. Let your barangay captain gather his constituents and do laughter yoga as a group.

Laugh and the world laughs with you! (Image courtesy of )

5. Encourage stand-up comedians do a Nationwide Barangay Tour.

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6. Listen to your favorite song and change the lyrics, emphasizing your dissatisfaction to the public officials you have voted.

And the title is “Let Me Burp!” (Image courtesy of )

7. Stop watching the news on TV and print for a while!

News on TV and print talk about something negative 90% of the time! (Image courtesy of )

8. In each barangay, find a massive wall, paint it white and let all the constituents write their funny life experiences for everyone to read!

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9. Organize a Barangay Talent Show.

Show them what you got!
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10.  Record a video and make a speech as if you’re the President of the Republic of the Philippines, then upload it on Youtube.

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