Remember The First Rule At Parties. And Don’t Forget That Your Friends Can Make You Anything They Want You To Be!

Yep, the first rule is: Do not fall asleep first!
posted on: Thursday, January 9, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

Reddit user Aikukun¬†uploaded these photos. Well, those photos speaks the rule itself. But the good thing of forgetting this rule is that you can be anything. ANYTHING! Like…

…a busy businessman…

a busy businessman

…an obedient kid…

an obedient kid

…a good guy who sponsors everything…

a good friend who sponsors everything

…a little girl who takes her doll for a stroll…

a little girl who takes her doll for a stroll

…a chess master…

 a chess master

…a rock star…

a rock star

…tea grand mastah…

tea grand mastah

…just be yourself.


Christmas season may be over but now is the right time to review what you have done during the parties you have attended. Share this to your friends so that they will be aware of the first rule, especially with Sinulog 2014 fast approaching.