REVEALED: Was Jose Rizal A Gambler, A Fake Doctor? And Was He Really Killed By Filipinos?

Yes! He was! Scroll down for more facts not taught to us by our history teachers.
posted on: Monday, December 30, 2013
Balbino Guerrero


Today marks the 117th death anniversary of our national hero, Jose Rizal. You may have thought that you already know everything about him but you are dead wrong. I bet that you haven’t heard some of the Rizal facts stated below.

1. Rizal as a child was melancholic, frail, and without appetite.

2. He did not get good grades at the University of Santo Tomas (UST).

3. His Sobresaliente (Excellent) grades in Ateneo were not that amazing. He and eight of his classmates got excellent grades but there were only 12 of them in the class.

4. He was never the author of “Sa Aking Kababata.”

5. Academically, he was not a doctor. He completed the course but did not take the board exam.

6. Pepe played a bet, won the lottery, and used the prize to purchase properties in Dapitan.

How old Sweepstakes tickets look like in the days of yore.

7. Rizal was suspected to be the real Jack the Ripper.

8. Rizal and Antonio Luna almost killed each other in a duel due to disparaging remarks made by Luna against Rizal´s sweetheart Nellie Boustead.

9. He suffered from depression and had premonition he would die early.

10. Rizal was shot by a squad composed of Filipino soldiers under the employ of the Spanish Army.

You didn’t know these, did you?