Rich Kids Problems. How Our Readers Solved It Was Awesome.

posted on: Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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Note: This article is not a satire (I mean it).

Dear Ate Charo,

Akala ko idol ng mga rets keds si Miss Kris pero hinde pala. I was proven wrong!

What should I do now?



Wa pa mo-reply si Ate Charo, pero anyway…

The  about Pinoy rich kid problems which according to some readers was stereotyping has created such a buzz that some took an effort to speak their minds out and tried to debunk the misconceptions about rich people in this poor country.

I wish to thank them for doing it.

It was indeed a meaningful discussion about rich kids problems.

And here now let’s read what they said about the piece I wrote.

Rich kids problem solved.

The comment section has become a cockfighting coliseum (biya or inilog?).

Dandruff particles were scratched, Starbucks receipt ripped apart, and iPhones thrown away.

Your comments paved the way to a significant conclusion:

That the truth hurts and telling it in a satirical way became even more painful. So I’m…

The article was meant to be a satire () about the stereotypical pinoy rich kids, with some of you just laughing it off:

Kai, Yan ug Renecris, pwede na mu magtagay.


Some of you, the more passionate commenters, were furious and resorted to off-topic comments and ad hominem attacks:

Don’t worry, I am already fired. I’m just training the next writer to replace me.

So how do Filipino rich kids really act?

Are they really ignorant on riding public vehicles?

Do they really not know how to wash the dishes and do the laundry?

Do they really idolize Kris Aquino?

This is what you guys and girls think about the rich kids:

Top commenter “i am pissed off” says

 Based on the many comments, it turns out the rich people are just like the common Filipino.

Pero naa sad jud dili kamao musakay ug jeep uy, katong naanad og taxi!

But “paolylo” explains the reason


Meanwhile “Aphotic2014” says rich kids (especially those who came from poverty) that

With a lot of comments and each one expressing their own opinion about rich kids, I dare say the some Filipinos don’t find the rich ‘maarte’, conceited and sheltered, contrary to how they are stereo-typically portrayed on TV and movies.

They don’t act like Kris Aquino and they aren’t totally dependent on their yayas.

That, they are like the rest of us, who have to deal with a lot of problems other than money.

The readers who chose to speak out, have made a good attempt to break the stereotype that surrounds the rich people.

The meaningful social engagement we had in the article really has reached a new milestone in digital conversation.

Our voices  heard and different views shared, that is what’s important.

Any complaints, suggestions or love letters?

Just post it below.