Scary Exorcism Films You Should Watch In Your Lifetime

Get your pop corns ready!
posted on: Sunday, June 8, 2014

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Time to pop ’em pop corns and blast the TV screens.

It’s scare time on prime time!

So, what scary or entertaining exorcism films should you consider watching?

I’ve searched the world wide web for answers.

Here are the exorcism films that made it on my list.

Just make sure you won’t be watching these movies with


The Exorcist

This flick started it all. Puking everywhere. Twisting of head. Speaking in tongues. Floating on air. Back bending. The Exorcist became the standard of horror flicks since then.

Watch this trailer.

Watch this creepier trailer. (WARNING: You might not be able to sleep.)


The Exorcism of Emily Rose

The movie was based on the life of Anneliese Michel who was believed to be possessed. The movie also used an audio from Michel’s actual exorcism. Sounds freaky!


The Rite

The Rite gives us a look on how the Vatican manages exorcism. It features a priest on a journey to discovering something. Part of the discovery was doing the exorcist rites on a fellow priest who was possessed by a demon. Besides, it has Anthony Hopkins on it. (I love Anthony Hopkins.)


The Amityville Horror

This movie made us very scared with old houses. After watching it, I considered all old houses haunted (paranoid mode). LOL! Instead of doing the exorcism on a person, the priest had to do it to a house. Pretty neat, huh?



We all know what makes zombies, right? Virus you say? This movie says otherwise. What really made those people into zombies was something more malevolent and evil (of course). You just have to see this for yourself.



You’ve been amazed with Steven Spielberg’s ET. Now be scared with his movie about a possessed house. The scariest part for me was when the kid said, “They’re here!” Creepy!


The Last Exorcism

A lot of people considered this movie a cliche. It even has the trademark back bending we first saw in The Exorcist. Yet, it’s worth some goosebumps on a Friday night.



How about a dash of exorcism and comedy? Nobody does it well than Leslie Nielsen. The kid that scared you in The Exorcist is even there, and she’s all grown up! Even though its comedy, Linda Blair’s possessed face is still scary.



This is a movie unlike any other. Ghosts are being haunted by living people! To make sure the humans will never haunt the unscary ghosts, they turn to Beetlejuice, a bio-exorcist, for help. Tim Burton really knows how to give us the creeps, in a good way.


Exorcist: The Beginning

Many considered this movie lackluster compared to the first movie but this movie gives us a glimpse on the young Father Merrin, which was well-played by Stellan Skarsgard).

Do you agree with my list? Which of these movies are you planning to watch or re-watch first?