Selfie Causes Head Lice? Pag Chur Oi. Cebu is 9th Selfiest City Ra Ba

Cebu is No. 9 selfiest city in the world.
posted on: Thursday, March 13, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

Before I go to my main topic, here’s a refresher.

A few days ago .

These are some reactions of netizens on social media.

Some were proud:

Others were bitter:

While others commented with their selfie:

Finally, here’s really what I want to talk about.

Watch this report from CNN.

Since Cebu has been ranked as no. 9th selfiest city in the world, can Cebu expect an increase in the number of people with head lice. Ewwww!

Here are samples of selfie:

It can be done with friends too. The cat seems unimpressed.

The famous group selfies:

Pope Francis with teenagers. (} Barack Obama during the funeral of Nelson Mandela. (

And the most retweeted Oscar selfie:

Ellen at the Oscars 2014. (

Got my point now as to how it can give you head lice?

Besides, Mommy used to say that head lice do fly (or was it jump?).

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