Senator Files Bill To Declare April 27 As Lapu-Lapu Day, A Holiday

posted on: Tuesday, April 22, 2014


MANILA – There is a proposal in the Upper House to declare April 27 of every year as “Lapu-Lapu Day” or “Adlaw ni Lapu-Lapu”.

Datu Lapu-Lapu of Mactan in Cebu fought and killed Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer, and his men, when the Visayan warrior refused to pay tribute to them.

Opposition senator Jinggoy Estrada filed Senate Bill 1981 seeking to declare the celebration of the historic battle of Mactan as a “special non-working holiday” in the country.

“If the nations celebrated the defeat and surrender of U.S. and Filipino forces in Bataan and Corregidor in April 9 of each year, then there is more reason to commemorate the successful exploit of Lapu-Lapu and his Warriors on April 27 of every year”, Estrada said.

Estrada called Lapu-Lapu’s victory over the Spanish conquistadors as the “first successful defense of the Philippine freedom against foreign invaders” and “triumph of the Filipino forces over superior western firepower.”