#SentiSunday: Places in Cebu Where Your Mom Used To Take You To Have Fun

Could you still remember where your mom brought you to have fun?
posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014

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Sundays! Don’t you just love ’em?


Since it’s mothers day today, let’s take a look back in time when Cebu didn’t have this thing called “heavy traffic” and you would never die if you will sleep in the middle of the street.

You practically can see a car running 500 meters away from you and when it would come near, the driver will just pass through on your side.

There was no Ayala Center Cebu nor was there an SM where you can chill and make laag-laag.


So where would our mom take us for a suroy-suroy? I bet, she would have taken her with you when she’d shop for groceries. She’d probably go to Foodarama, Rosita’s, or Queen Bee.

Upon entering the store, you would die to say that you want to sit in the grocery pushcart (don’t deny it)! Sitting on top of the cart makes you feel like you’re driving a car. You’d have a good view of the grocery as well.


After passing by the ice cream section, I bet you would cry so that mom will buy a Presto or Conney Island ice cream.


In the cookie section, you may have asked her to buy you Marie biscuits.


In the candy section, you could have asked her to buy a lot of Bobot with golden rings as freebies (guilty pleasure).

I was ecstatic when I found this in Bohol a few weeks ago.

After paying for the groceries, mom may have brought you to the kiddie ride on the side of the cashier. It was a rocking horse that would start to move after a coin was inserted. I don’t know with you, but I always loved riding that rocking horse, although the only motion it does was forward and backward.


Or perhaps mom could have left you in the entertainment section playing Super Mario or Street Fighter on the family computer. She’d just fetch you after she’s done shopping because it’s just located practically beside the grocery.


Maybe she wanted to shop for new clothes or shoes, so she brought you along with her to Plaza Fair or Gaw.


Then after shopping, you may have brought and ate siopao or a burger from Wimpy’s.


Or maybe she wants to just sit around while you play your heart out, so she brought you to Plaza Independencia or Fuente Osmena so you could rent some roller skates or roller blades.


Then she’d take you to Dairy King in Mango Avenue after having countless turns with your roller skates in Fuente Osmena or she could have brought you to Merry Mart near Redemptorist Church for snow cones.


Maybe when the entire family was hungry, she would have brought you to Show Sheen, Visayan Restaurant or Ding How.


Then mom would make sure that all of you are home before 6 PM (especially if you live in Banilad or Talamban) because there will be no jeep running past that time.


How about you? Where did your mom bring you before?

Aren’t you feeling a bit senti on a Sunday? #SentiSunday