Should Tagalogs Learn Bisaya?

We’ve learned their language, why shouldn’t they?
posted on: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
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When the Tagalog folks from Luzon visit us here in Cebu we’re always the ones who’ll adjust to their language. Kita ang maluya ug Tinagalog. It always turns out that we’re the subservient ones in our own native soil when we’re with them. But when it comes to us going to their place, it’s still us who needs to adapt, and not without them making fun with our accent.

Maybe it’s about time they learn our language. Should Tagalogs learn Bisaya?

Bisaya is the in the Philippines with 3.6 million households in 2000. Despite not being taught formally in schools, the Cebuano language is spoken by many Filipinos. I’m sure most Tagalogs have already met Bisayas even without travelling to the South.

Bisaya is easy to learn. Tagalog and Bisaya/Cebuano have many similarities in structure and grammar that Tagalog speakers would find it easy to learn the language. Just don’t get confused about langgam or libang.

twitter, @Banat_Bisaya

Learning the language would lead to a more understanding to the culture of Visayas. Have you listened to Bisrock? I’m sure Tagalogs are familiar with Yoyoy Villame and Max Surban’s novelty songs. Learning Bisaya will open the person’s understanding to the Visayas as a whole. If they happen to visit the region, they’ll understand more of it’s culture and traditions.

Even the foreigners are learning it. They go to the Visayas region and integrate with the people’s culture, language and traditions. They learn Bisaya by heart. Some are even more fluent than the native speakers!

What about this cute Russian chick?

So, should Tagalogs learn Bisaya? I think so.