Should We Allow the Reimposition of the Death Penalty?

With heinous criminals getting away with their crimes, it’s about time to discuss the capital punishment.
posted on: Monday, May 26, 2014
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Remember Leo Echegaray?

leo echegaray

After Marcos was ousted in 1987, the death penalty was abolished, making the Philippines the first country in Asia to do so.

In 1999, the death penalty was reimposed.

Leo Echagaray was the first convict to be executed by lethal injection. It happened during President Estrada’s regime.

lethal injection

The execution was met with mixed reactions, some forcefully agreed with the law while some vehemently decried it.

The death penalty was suspended again via Republic Act 9346, signed by President Arroyo on June 2006.

Thousands of death row inmates’ sentences were commuted to life imprisonment, and since then, the death penalty ceased to be carried out.

three filipinos executed in china

Many Filipinos have already been executed and most publicized executions, unfortunately, were carried out in foreign lands where death penalty still exists.

In 2011, three Filipinos were executed in China for drug smuggling and just last year, another Filipino OFW was executed.

While OFWs are facing the death penalty in other countries, many criminals here in the Philippines are still at large.

Should they get caught, they usually get bail and they are released, and God knows when they are put to jail.

tito sotto on death penalty, screen grab from UNTV

Early this year, Senator Tito Sotto filed Senate Bill 2080 to reimpose the death penalty in the country.

With many contemptible crimes being committed everywhere, is it about time to bring back the capital punishment?

death penalty debate

There are many arguments for and against the death penalty. Some say it deters crime and reduce prison population while others say it’s against the teachings of the Bible.

Whatever reasons the Filipino people have for and against death penalty, it’s reimposition is still heavily debated.

president aquino on death penalty

President Aquino’s stand on the issue is a big thumbs down.

He opines, “As to deterrence, that will not be fully realized, and this is not the only solution to deter crimes. Perhaps there will be more deterrence if we can assure that criminals will be caught and jailed”.

Should we revive the death penalty?

Or should we just improve the implementation of crime laws and strictly enforce them?

Is death penalty right or wrong?

Just comment below.