No Date On Valentine’s Day? Here Are Places To Go And Still Have That Loving Feeling.

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be lonely!
posted on: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lifestyle Geek

Whether you choose to rejoice or sulk with the fact that you are single on Valentine’s Day, it’s all up to you. Just in case you want to go somewhere that might give you the chance to feel good on Valentine’s Day, here are some of my suggestions.

1. In your room

In your room

If you’ve got any place to go, better stay in your room and watch funny movies the whole day. Make sure to prepare a lot of popcorn.

2. In a public hospital

In a public hospital

Help a patient get through at least one day of his or her stay in the hospital. If you can’t pay his or her hospital bills, you can offer to buy a portion of the medicines, food, or simply give a bit of your time to talk with the patient. Trust me, patients love it when someone is talking to them.

3. In the library

In the library

If you hate the idea of seeing sweethearts who are displaying public affection, try going to the library. I love that place. It’s quiet. It’s where I sleep and study. LOL!

4. In the cemetery

In the cemetery

If you want to hear the sound of silence on Valentine’s Day, this is the place to go. Maybe you have a dead family member, relative, friend, colleague, or acquaintance that you have not visited yet. You can even have a picnic there too. I love picnic in the cemetery.

5. In the orphanage

In the orphanage

Before you start yapping out to the sky why you are so unlucky and why you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, go to the orphanage so that you will realize how lucky you are compared to the kids there.

6. In the nursing home

In the nursing home

A lot of our lolos and lolas in the nursing homes are left by their family members. They need your love and support, even if it’s just a day. When you will see them smile, it’s priceless!

7. In a school located in a far-flung area

In a school located in a far-flung area

You might want to make the Valentine’s Day of the students by giving away school supplies or food.

8 In the gym

In the gym

If you have been putting an excuse of not staying fit for all these years, I guess you should finally give it a try. Perhaps shedding those fat can make you love yourself more and when that happens, people will start loving you more. You might even attract the mate you have been waiting for!

9. In a convention, seminar, or party initiated by big or small organizations

In a convention, seminar, or party initiated by big or small organizations

Who knows? You might be able to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend there!

10. In the house with all your single friends

In the house with all your single friends

Organize a pajama party and rejoice with the fact that you are single! There are lots of reasons to be happy about it. Stop moping around!

Do you now have an idea of what you will be doing on Valentine’s Day?