Some Kids Say Pinoys Don’t Have Souls. Her reaction will make you cry

Pilpinos Hab Sols
posted on: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Pinoys are gullible.

“One insult and they come knocking on your door to pick a fight, and if you’re an international celebrity you’ll be declared persona non grata.”

That’s how Christian Ceniza would describe us Filipinos.

Honestly, I agree with him.

Check out the rest of his article .

But what if other people would say that we have no soul?

How would you react?

I was browsing on Youtube yesterday when I saw this video.

It’s a one minute and a half video of a woman who is tired of hearing “Filipinos have no souls.”

How she reacted will surprise you.

You need to see it for yourselves.




Thank you Tita Auntie for this video!

Video and photo are courtesy of glowpinkstah on Youtube.

It is entitled “Tita Auntie’s Diary: Pilpinos Do Hab Sols!”

By the way, did you cry because of too much laughter?

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