Someday Soon

I used to dream of this place until I became an adult.
posted on: Thursday, December 4, 2014
Eliezer Sanchez
music enthusiast, self-proclaimed writer. #PopPunk isn't dead!

So I’m 20 years old now and already an adult. My perspectives have changed.

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I remember back then when I used to visit my aunt. Walking down the road and seeing those houses made me daydream and said:

“Someday I will have a house like that!”

I was mesmerized by those fancy windows and high ceiling that only those who are well-off could afford. Every time I came back there, it’s not just the houses that I daydreamed and envied for, but the place itself:

Its spirit! It’s naturally accommodating and not intimidating. It gives you this feeling of belongingness. A place where you can wholeheartedly say:

“I’m home!”

I also remembered how the place gives you a weird kind of satisfaction that makes you never want to leave because it would make you sad. Just like finishing a book, even if it’s a happy ending you tend to feel down because the story you’ve read has ended.

Now that I’m a grown-up, I’m not after those fancy houses anymore. I am now working and doing all I that can so that someday, I will have a simple house and make it a safe haven for my future family. A house where we can stock up happy memories. A house where my future children will remember it as a home, not just a house.

 Someday soon.