Sto. Niño And His Cute Little Followers During The Fluvial Procession

I never thought that Senyor Santo Niño has non-human devotees!
posted on: Monday, January 20, 2014

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A day before Cebu celebrated its grandest fiesta, the people joined the fluvial procession to show their devotion to the Sto. Niño.

People from all walks of life joined the ocean of people in the streets, armed with their prayers, rosaries, lighted candles, and faith that can move mountains.

I can’t help but notice the number of kids who joined the fluvial procession. There were quite a lot of them. My handy digital camera deterred me from getting the moments I wanted to capture. If a certain picture seems to be drenched in lysergic acid diethlamide or LSD, pardon me. That’s just my camera. If it’s awesome, that would be courtesy of Danjick Lim. Thanks Dan; you’re a life-saver!

The image of the Child Jesus was placed on the carousel…

Danjick Lim

Then off to the foot procession it went…

Danjick Lim

There were police officers all over the place making sure that everyone was safe.

Danjick Lim

These kids were up at 4 a.m. or earlier and they were brought by their parents.

They were the ones who loved to carry the lighted candles and tried their best to keep them lighted while the procession was going on, like this one…

…and this one.

But perhaps the greatest kid in this parade is Sto. Niño. He was up in the air the whole time!

Poor kiddos! You really can’t blame them if they were still asleep. The sun was still not shining, for Heaven’s sake!

Danjick Lim

If some of them were awake, the look of “What in the world is going on?” can be seen on their face.

Danjick Lim

Yeah! It was very early in the morning that some of them still had to wipe off the morning glory from their eyes.

Danjick Lim

To keep up with the crowd, most of the kids were carried on the shoulders of their parents. When it came to seeing the crowd sending off Sto. Niño to the wharf, they got the best seats in town!

Danjick Lim Danjick Lim Danjick Lim

Some of them were satisfied with just sitting or standing up on the sidewalk, or on top of cargo vans.

Danjick Lim Danjick Lim Danjick Lim Danjick Lim

Sto. Niño has a new set of devotees. And did I mention that they are canine?

Yes! They are canine!

They kept up with their owners who are part of the Mandaue Dog Walkers Club. They all went walking with us humans!

Some of these dogs are very sociable that they would want to get a piece of you, like this dog who kept on jumping on people’s legs.

But wait! What is a Filipino celebration without picture taking?

Danjick Lim Danjick Lim

When the image of Sto. Niño was already on board the sea vessel, everybody began to wave their hands and said goodbye. Some of them released doves, prayed, and danced in jubilation.

Danjick Lim Danjick Lim Danjick Lim

Dan and I tried to take a glimpse of the fluvial parade at the first Mactan Bridge. Too bad! We saw nothing but people going away from the bridge already. Thankfully, we saw two vessels who managed to catch up with the fluvial parade. Better late than never!

Danjick Lim Danjick Lim Danjick Lim

How did you celebrate the vesper of Sto. Niño’s feast?