10 things you probably did when school resumed

posted on: Monday, November 4, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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Classes are back. Due to the pesky aftershocks you had a long vacation. Now time to go inside the classroom and face the green board or white board for eight hours. Here are 10 things you probably did as you returned to your school.

1. Ask for an assignment or project

Something that you forgot as you got busy with your vacation. Luckily for you, some classmates remembered to do the school project. All you have to do is wait for the right time and the right mood to hitch on to their project or assignment.

2. Talked about the aftershocks


Yes, you talked about how the aftershocks are no longer affecting you but you still talked about it because you need a topic to prevent an awkward silence between you and your crush.

3. Yawn

Even now you are yawning, as in now you are actually yawning. Why? because it’s Monday and also there is a sloth yawning.

4. You ditched the class


Well, you ditched a class. Besides, we all know first weeks are adjustment periods.

5. Talked about how awesome your Halloween was


You talked about scary stuff, awesome parties and all other epic things you did last Halloween. That is if you did something epic.

6. Talked about how lame your Halloween was

To those who wasted their vacation, talking  about it will ease the pain of days you can’t recover.

7. Probably played dota or…


You want to enjoy the very first allowance you get  for this semester, what other way to enjoy the hard earned cash of your parents than to play a good game of dota.

8.  Slept in the library

Well, you just can’t get enough of this marvelous activity. Crashing in your library is the best option coz it’s cold, clean and quite.

9.  Daydreamed

You’ve had enough sleep that you are too bored to get more. Luckily, you have your imagination and boom instant entertainment.

10. Regretted wasting a good, long break

Finally, you sat at your desk forlornly, almost bursting to tears, wondering “why did  I waste my precious time, logging on to Facebook instead of doing something productive.