This Is What Happens When Students Are Bored

We all face the pain of boredom in class, right?
posted on: Tuesday, October 7, 2014
Eunice Faye
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We often get bored in class. This is always the case when we don’t like the lesson and the teacher.

What do you usually do when you’re getting bored in class? Certainly these:

1. Pretending to have a stomach ache then rushing to the CR

2. Texting inside the classroom while the teacher is discussing

3. Sleeping on the armchair

4. Sneaking food and eat while listening to the lecture

5. Hiding your earphones behind your ears and listening to music

6. Sketching your teacher’s face even if you don’t know how to draw

7. Playing games on your mobile phone

8. Conversing with your seatmate through whispering

9. Scribbling your armchair with doodles

10. Staring at your teacher blankly

It’s crazy what boredom can do to people, especially to students… Just endure it – it’s part of growing up!