Super typhoon Yolanda is stronger than Ruping. Why you should prepare for it?

posted on: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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According to the weather bureau, a super typhoon is coming to the country on Nov. 7, 2013, Thursday. Cebu will feel its effects from Nov. 7-8, 2013.

The super typhoon is christened Yolanda. As of 12 am on 11/7/2013, it is moving at a speed of 41 kph and with gustiness up to 250 kph.

This storm can easily knock down trees and blow away roofs. It is stronger than Ruping, which had gustiness of up to 205 kph. It killed over 700 pax on Nov. 13, 1990.

Here is a helpful info graphics to you, and why you should prepare for this storm.

1. Keep calm

2. Monitor TV, radio and internet reports, especially

3. Keep your cellphone loaded with call and text credits. Fuly charge your batteries.

4. Trim trees near dwellings

5. Have a flashlight or radio handy, with fresh batteries. Don’t forget to prepare candles or kerosene lamps in case you will be out of batteries.

6. Stay Indoors

7.Stack furniture above the expected flood level. Keep appliances, valuables, toxic

8. First Aid

9. Bring some entertainment

10. Don’t panic