Telco Donates Computers To School In Tanjay Through Ka Bino Guerrero

At last, the 168 pupils of San Jose Elementary School from Kindergarten to Grade 6 can finally learn basic computer literacy!
posted on: Saturday, December 14, 2013

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Just like our national hero Jose Rizal, Ka Bino Guerrero, Cebu’s premier tour guide, knows the importance of education. With the coming of modern age, there’s no denying that aside from learning through books, computer literacy has become a skill that one must possess in order to help you achieve success in life.

For Ka Bino, Tanjay is very close to his heart because it was where he used to live and played as a child. To help the children of Tanjay that he holds dear, he initiated a cause that will benefit them.

Last December 14, 2013, Smart Communications gave San Jose Elementary School six personal computers.

Atty. Jeane Paredes, head of VisMin Public Affairs, was present during the humble turn-over ceremony and there to receive the 6 brand new Acer personal computers are Maam Jessica Reyes, principal of San Jose Elementary School and Ka Bino Guerrero, Cebu’s best tour guide.

Also present was Miss Vicky Guerrero, one of the very first teachers of San Jose Elementary School. She has taught in SJES for 38 years before she retired.

After receiving the units, this was what Maam Jessica L. Reyes said.

According to Maam Reyes, they have already planned on how all students can utilize the computers.

Ka Bino Guerrero told us the story on how it all began.

Ka Bino also shared to us the reason why did project is very close to his heart and how San Jose Elementary School acquired the computers.

Maam Reyes expresses her gratitude.

On a personal note, I am super glad of this initiative and partnership!