Temperature is dropping in Cebu. Look, who are dying?

Taking a bath is a torture
posted on: Thursday, January 23, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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Recently, Cebu’s temperature dropped to 21.8 degrees Celsius. This is the lowest temperature so far for this year. In some mountainous parts of Cebu, it can drop down to 18 degrees Celsius. Not as much as what the western part of the world is feeling but it’s still very cold here in Philippine, especially if you take a bath outside at your nearby water well.

Dropping temperature has its cool advantage, though. It gives you an excuse to wear geeky jackets like this one.



You don’t have smell like a sweaty dog.

And you get to drink hot lola’s cocoa inside your home!

For those people with lovey doveys, you get to snuggle some more !

For those who are single, they can just embrace a computer or anything that emits heat!


More importantly, you acquired a new best friend in the form of “habul”(blanket).

But are those advantages enough to outweigh the impending doom that this weather brings?


For instance, the town of Balamban is issuing a State of Calamity in certain barangays.

Recently, the town reported the death of 11 cows and all sorts of livestock like goat, carabao, and horse due to the abnormal temperature drop.


And if this continues, our fishes will soon be under a state of calamity, too! Oh, and don’t forget about the unpredictable rains that could cause land slides.

Having said all these, having this kind of weather is both a good and a bad thing. Share with us your thoughts!