Tenminutes.ph Sinulog 2014 Fashion Forecast

It will be like having a technicolor dream!
posted on: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Sinulog 2014 is almost here! Everybody will be celebrating and rejoicing!

While everybody is busy for the preparation for the upcoming festival, tenminutes.ph will give you a fearless fashion forecast which will show you how the people will dress up on Cebu City’s most celebrated day.

Let me guess… The colors of the rainbow will rain upon Cebu!

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People will be wearing Sinulog shirts!

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There will be lots of umbrellas!

jacobimages.photoshelter.com al619.wordpress.com/tag/sto-nino

People will be beating the heat of the sun with colorful hats!

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Bandanas will surely be in style.


Tattoos will be everywhere!

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Even face painting will be a rage during Sinulog!

zbfacepainting.blogspot.com zbfacepainting.blogspot.com

Cool sleveless shirts will also be in.


Shorts will also be a favorite staple!


The sun can be blinding so shades will be making everyone look cool!


Colorful accessories will surely be a hit!

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Tomato Time Sinulog Watches are gonna rock your outfit! The color orange is definitely going to make you pop out among the crowd! I looove it!

There will be thousands and thousands of people on the streets and chances are, your feet will be stepped upon. Other than wearing a strong pair of sandals that can last you a whole day of walking, closed shoes will also be fashionable.

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Quite a colorful forecast, isn’t it? Have you decided what to wear during Sinulog 2014?