10 Royal Selfies In Cebu That You’ve Never Seen Before

Taking selfie in to royal proportions!
posted on: Friday, January 24, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
My Good Man, this heathen calls himself "Magz" as if his own name wasn't good enough. He claims to own these titles "Web Developer Baller" and a "Social Media Ho". It appears that this ruffian has also a talent in digital art.
Digital Bachelor

What happens if you give a festival queen a camera? You get these amazing photos! These unique photos courtesy of  will show you that these festival queens are not only good dancers at the parade but also good at taking a selfie during an awesome event.

1. Too bad the baby closed his eyes.

2.  Selfie while dancing  proves you’re “badass.”

3. I don’t know about you, but I think I’m seeing an angel.

4. Aren’t you too young to be a Queen?

5. That headdress is so fab!

6. Taking a selfie while taking a break? Why not?

7. I wonder if her eyes are closed or just the eyeliner?

  8. I think we had enough of eye liners for today.

9. Is that a fairy or a butterfly? I’m confused.

10. Last but not the least… Oh man, she is gorgeous!

Who do you fancy among all the beauties?

Curious to know how assisted the festival queens with these selfies? Always visit tenminutes.ph for stories about its behind-the-scene coverage of Sinulog!