The Case Of Roxas Vs. Romualdez: Does Philippine Politics Have To Be Like This?

What on earth is going on!?
posted on: Friday, December 20, 2013

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As if the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda was not enough to let down our spirits for a while, another issue was raised related to the “strongest typhoon in recorded history.”

Last December 9, 2013, Cito Beltran, a columnist, and Josemari Gonzalez, father-in-law of Mayor Alfred Romualdez, uploaded a very controversial video, which puts Mar Roxas and Mayor Romualdez on the spotlight.

The whole issue can be summarized in an 18 second video.

If you really want to check if the video was manipulated in favor of Mayor Romualdez, you can spare about 43 minutes of your time to view the entire conversation.

How did some of the netizens react?

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But from what I saw, this was the best comment so far!


With all the shenanigans happening around, Tonyo Cruz reminds us and the politicians about something.

Tonyo Cruz on Facebook Tonyo Cruz on Facebook

Did Mar Roxas bully Mayor Romualdez in some way? What do you think?